Coming from a low-income family can be particularly difficult for a student. Many times, these students do not have the resources and support they need to be successful in school, which can lead to academic and social challenges. Some students have the extra obstacle of needing to learn new concepts in an entirely new language which can hold them back and create a barrier between them, their peers and educators.

El Sol Science and Arts Academy was founded in 2001 with the goal of giving low-income families and their children the opportunity to succeed academically and individually. The school offers a dual-immersion curriculum that allows students to learn in both English and Spanish, making it easier for students to understand complex, new concepts. Since the charter school opened it’s doors, it has focused on providing support and resources for students and their families to better the community overall.

Vanessa Quiñones, a first generation student and graduate of El Sol Academy, was introduced to the teachings, values, and community of the school during her middle school years. When thinking back on her time at El Sol Academy, Quiñones stated, “El Sol was like a safe haven, where I could grow and realize my true potential.”


Quiñones is now a student at UC Irvine and credits her academic success to the constant dedication and nurturing that the El Sol family gave her. Quiñones intends to graduate from UC Irvine with a degree in mathematics and return to the school that inspired her in the first place.  “I first got my love for math here at El Sol in seventh grade. I would like to return and be a math teacher here as well.”

Vanessa Quiñones is just one of El Sol Academy’s many success stories. The Orange County Register noted that El Sol Academy students “are achieving API test scores of nearly 900, up from the 500-range only a handful of years ago… El Sol has achieved these stunning results by working outside the mold of the state’s notoriously constrictive educational structure to find solutions typically not accessible to traditional public schools.”

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