Original article from THE DRUM

FundLatinos creates crowdfunding website targeted to the Latino community

FundLatinos, a company created from the notion that funding platforms and the businesses behind lack a real sense of purpose and community, has launched its own crowdfunding website.

By targeting Latino communities, the platform uses “technology and partnerships to foster a trusted environment for Latinos to raise money for personal and community causes that matter – from Quinceañeras and wedding celebrations to education, medical, business and community-based initiatives,” according to a statement.

The company has chosen a simple format that uses social media sharing at its core, as the goal of the new site is to bring the community together to raise money, no matter how small the amount.

“Our goal is to tap into the great strengths and talents of the diverse Latino community to help those who are in need,” said Andrew Vassallo, General Manager of FundLatinos, in a statement. “FundLatinos makes dreams come true by simplifying the process of creating campaigns that help Latino community members with their cause funding needs and raise as much money as they can.”

Examples of campaigns include crowdfunding for a new building for a charter school called El Sol, which provides an education to nearly 1,000 low-income, mostly Latino, children, many of whom are immigrants. A campaign was created for a baseball team of Dominican-American students who need the financial support for their baseball equipment, gym memberships and batting cage practice time.

“Latinos have always worked hard to bring about positive change and opportunity for others,” said Jeffrey Glass, Chairman of FundLatinos. “With FundLatinos, our mission is to change the way crowdfunding has worked and strengthen the Latino community by increasing opportunities to help Latinos succeed in their cause funding efforts.”

“One of the most important groups we seek to help is the 18 million Latino Millennials who understand and embrace the crowdfunding ‘shared economy’ process,” Vassallo added. “With FundLatinos, we are creating an inviting platform for the 18-32 age group where they can pursue their dreams and also help people in times of need.”