“We are so happy to join the FundLatinos family, and we’re thankful that anyone can make their own campaign so that we can support one another. That’s what it’s all about.” –Angelica and Diana

What’s the best way to resolve a business dispute? For twin sisters Angelica and Diana, it is a simple game of “Paper, Scissor, Rock.” According to Angelica, she usually wins!

The Colombian-born sisters have spent over twenty years living in the United States, studying and working towards different business goals.  Now, Angelica and Diana have joined with FundLatinos for a little help in achieving their latest goal: the opening of their Chocolaffee storefront in Massachusetts. We caught up with the sisters to learn a little more about their campaign.

For these entrepreneurs, Chocolaffee is more than a business—it is a vision and a dream they have worked tirelessly for. It starts with a strong belief in their products: Chocolaffee, a clever combination of chocolate and Colombian coffee, and Maninuts, roasted peanuts covered in sesame seeds, which are “certain to delight your palate.”

Angelica and Diana feel grateful for the overwhelming support for their business from the Latino community, but the Colombian-inspired desserts have found popularity with Latinos and non-Latinos alike. “We’ve done sample tastings of our products at various supermarkets, and we’ve found that everyone likes our products—people from Morocco, Haiti, all over the Caribbean, and our Brazilian customers especially love them!” shared Diana, with an enthusiasm that is clearly typical for these businesswomen.

One of the most wonderful traits these two women share is their infectious positivity. Admittedly, times have been hard—after a failed business venture with an untrustworthy partner, morale was low. However, the sisters didn’t let that setback stop them.

“We decided to start our business on our own, as independent businesswomen,” shares Angelica. “We could only afford to feel down for about three weeks,” Diana chimes in, “because then it was time to pay rent and get back up on our feet!”

That radiant sense of spirit permeates everything Angelica and Diana do. “As women, sometimes it’s a little harder because people don’t take you as seriously as you’d hope at first–you have to slowly gain respect through hard work and perseverance.”

The twins took business courses, working with EParaTodos (Entrepreneurship for All, also featured on FundLatinos), and used their experience at a cafeteria in Boston to build their business.

“For me, EParaTodos has been one of the biggest sources of learning and motivation in our endeavor,” shares Angelica. Their hard work has clearly paid off, as Chocolaffee and Maninuts products are now available at 75 stores, including three supermarkets, and farmers markets.

The next step is crucial in establishing their vision—the grand opening of a Chocolaffee storefront café, where they will sell Colombian coffee in addition to their homemade products. “We’ve found a lovely, welcoming spot in Revere, but we’re still missing a few things—and that’s why we started this campaign,” shared the sisters. Any donations they receive will go to equipment, decorations, and other finishing touches the store needs.

Angelica and Diana are thankful for the support they’ve already received from the FundLatinos community. “It’s incredible how many people believe in our products, and it makes us want to keep going,” they shared. “We are so happy to join the FundLatinos family, and we’re thankful that anyone can make their own campaign so that we can support one another. That’s what it’s all about.”

To visit the Chocolaffee campaign, click here!