Though she was born in Chicago, Lucy Cabiya feels “more Puerto Rican than any Puerto Rican around.” She spent her vacations as a child visiting family on the island with her mother. At age 16, her family moved to Ciales, Puerto Rico for good, but her relationship with both countries continued. She’s always liked the United States, but Puerto Rico feels like home.

After living in Boston for several years, Lucy returned to Puerto Rico to care for her mother until her passing. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

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After receiving her diagnosis, Lucy moved back to Massachusetts, where she currently resides in Fort River near two of her sons. Her youngest of five children, Angel Antonio, took a temporary leave from his studies to take care of her.

While each day brings new challenges for Lucy, she tries her best to keep herself in good spirits, whether by catching up with her favorite telenovelas or FaceTiming with her three-year old granddaughter, the youngest of six. “She’s my baby,” gushes Lucy. “She has my heart!”

Since last May, Lucy has undergone chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in addition to a surgery that helped remove some of her tumors. The side effects are terrible, but the good news is that Lucy’s prognosis is hopeful. Tests show that treatment seems to be working, but it’s not over yet. She needs to be cancer-free for five years before being considered in remission.

At this crucial point in her battle, Lucy is turning to her Latino community for help. After finding FundLatinos, she hopes to collect the funds for the remainder of her treatments, which her health insurance does not cover.  It goes without saying that cancer treatment is expensive—cancer costs the world more than any other disease.

Once she has finally overcome her illness, Lucy’s wishes are simple: “When this is finally over and done with, I want nothing more than to spend time with my grand kids,” says Lucy. “They’re my life.”

Let’s help Lucy have that chance. Visit her campaign HERE to donate and share today.