Telling an engaging story helps potential donors feel closer to your campaign and may help them feel more compelled to give a donation. Crafting that impactful story is a difficult task, so we have put together some tips to help you convert your ideas and personal experience into a powerful, engaging campaign story:

  1. Be mindful of everything on your campaign page, not just the text.

While the description is important, each image, video, or update you provide on the campaign page should add to your story. Use relevant visuals that enhance the campaign and can help visitors get a better feel for the campaign. Visuals offer stories of their own, so including at least one will help you get more visitors to your page and more people interested in your campaign.

  1. Be sincere.

You are asking people to donate their hard-earned money, so be genuine and honest. Show that you are committed to your campaign and what a difference a donation could make. Be personal, explain what your cause is, and tell your audience what you are planning to do with the donations. Be sure to include a specific budget or plan if you have one.

  1. Being specific builds trust.

The more details you give, the more insight your audience has to you and your campaign. This builds trust and helps potential donors feel closer to your campaign. Use high-resolution, high-quality visuals to support your story.

  1. Be clear about your timeline.

Being honest with your audience is crucial. Provide a clear timeline or schedule for your campaign so that the people who want to help know what you need. If donors are continuously updated, they may feel compelled to donate more to help move your campaign forward.

  1. Tell a story, not just the facts.

Just listing facts about your campaign may result in fewer donations. People want to get to know you and why your campaign is so significant. Appeal to your reader’s emotions and give them something that they can feel a part of. Tell the story of what gave you the idea to start a campaign or how the campaign will have a significant impact. Try to bring your readers into the story and appeal to your readers’ emotions. When your audience feels like they know you and your cause, they’re much more likely to support you and donate.