These days it’s pretty easy to get in the holiday spirit. Just walk outside and see the lights strung on trees; hop in an uber and hear christmas songs on the radio; flip on the TV and see an “Elf” 24 hour marathon; go to the mall and see kid’s sitting on Santa’s lap – or parents scurrying to buy last minute gifts. While the holiday spirit seems to be all around us – it’s often easy to lose site of what the holidays are all about. It’s not the lights, music, movies or crowded shopping malls that matter. It’s the spirit of generosity – finding ways to give back to our community, and helping friends, family and strangers in need.

Here at FundLatinos, we strive to give back to the community year round. But this is a truly special time of year. There are children, families and individuals all around us who are in need of our collective generosity. Here are some four simple ways to give back to the community and show generosity this holiday season.

  1. Donate coats and clothing – Find the coats and clothes you rarely wear (our buy new ones!) and drop them off at Goodwill or put them in a local drop-off bin. Make sure the bin you use accepts donations for charitable purposes (some bins go to for profit companies believe it or not!)
  2. Volunteer at a local charity – Discover local charities, food banks and other community organizations and help by giving some of your time. FundLatinos works with many great charitable organizations. Checkout some of our favorite Latino organizations HLCUSA and lean more about how to volunteer!
  3. Give toys to Toys for Tots – This fantastic program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve gives toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts. Find out how to donate here.
  4. Donate to or share a FundLatinos campaign – There are hundreds of campaigns on FundLatinos that could use your help! Sometimes all it takes is one donation or one share on Facebook to make a campaign go viral. Visit the recent campaigns page to browse all campaigns, or see below for some of our suggested campaigns. Every share and donation counts. Thank you all for your generosity.

Start a Campaign!

To start your own FundLatinos campaign for a friend, family member or yourself – visit and click “Start a Campaign”. Our 5% fee is waived for all campaigns through the end of this month.